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Gray, Blue, and Green Bins: What Goes Where and Why Does it Matter?

You may have noticed your neighbors making more use of their green organics bins on trash day, coworkers paying closer a...

Camrie Rounds - 03-24-2022

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Green Building Ordinance Adopted to Advance City’s Climate Action Goals

The City of Encinitas adopted a comprehensive Green Building Ordinance (Ordinance 2021-13) on October 27, 2021. The Ordi...

Jillian Queri - 12-07-2021

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The Benefits of Biking

May is Bike Month, and there’s never been a better time to enjoy riding a bike! It’s a good way to ensure yo...

Jasmine Krause - 05-26-2021

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The Power of Magnets: Induction Cooking

In the fight against climate change, reducing emissions from buildings has a key role to play. In Encinitas, the electri...

Jasmine Krause - 04-28-2021

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Encinitas Virtual Earth Week Celebration

The City of Encinitas, in partnership with EcoFest Encinitas, will present a Virtual Earth Week Celebration next week be...

Jasmine Krause - 04-15-2021

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San Diego Community Power: Powering a clean, affordable future

San Diego Community Power (SDCP) launched earlier this March! This is an exciting step towards climate conscious energy ...

Jasmine Krause - 03-31-2021

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World Water Day

Monday, March 22, 2021 is World Water Day, a time to bring awareness to this vital resource! This year’s theme is ...

Inge Bisconer - 03-19-2021

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Climate Action Co-Benefits: Building Resiliency in Encinitas

The Big Picture The City of Encinitas is actively addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions t...

Jasmine Krause - 02-24-2021

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Commercial Food Waste Resource Guide

For every meal served the average restaurant wastes half a pound of food. In the landfill, this waste releases pote...

City of Encinitas - 02-22-2021